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Empowerment Never Goes Out Of Style

Mirror Motivation

Current collection ... a forever collection. we are here to stay, with something to say...in a BIG way. Introducing, my new self esteem t-shirt line:

Woman on average look at their reflection 16 times a day. Most of the time it's to re-apply their make up, to make sure their hair isn't out of place, or to get that pesky pepper out of their pearly whites. But overall most women look at their reflection to judge themselves and the flaws they think they embody. Haute Tee's Mirror Motivation is here to say F&%^ NO to judging and HELL YES to loving yourself and changing the way we as a female society look at ourselves in the mirror, and the way we interact with our haute selves. 

My tee line is here to remind you when you look in the mirror- give yourself a kiss, a wink, a pep-talk, heck even a haute hug, but most importantly start with the basics of saying "I love you" and/or "I fucking love you". I'm are here to empower and to remind you that you're stunning, worth it, and more than enough. Whether it changes the way you look at your beaYOUtiful self for a second, a minute, hours, or a lifetime, it's served it purpose. It will have you saying "Mirror, Mirror on the wall I love you most of all." 

- Savannah Starr, Haute Tees Founder

The female respondents said they spent in front of the mirror looking at the body parts they are the most self-conscious about.
— Daily Mail

Currently Only Available in the USA